You see the Lego box below?

It’s from our (my siblings and mine) childhood. Our parents bought it for us back in 1991 — yes that’s 21 years old — and almost as old as me!! We played countless hours with the set, building everything imaginable. We wore out the blocks, the people, and the board to build on a very long time ago.

Then, for many years, it sat in the back of our closets as we grew too old to play with it.

In the last few years, however, it has made a comeback! As our little cousins grew older, they started playing with it more and more (because  let’s face it — we don’t have many other toys in our house).

Now, our young nephews and niece are quite fond of it as well and play with it every time they come over. It’s so funny because it’s the first thing they ask about as soon as they come to our house (if they don’t just go find it themselves, that is!). They are even more pleased to find that what they built in their last visit is usually still in the box too.

I keep telling my family that we need to buy more toys now that there are so many little kids in the family again (in the next generation especially!), but at the end of the day it seems that they all seem to enjoy playing with the Legos that WE played with many many years ago.

The pieces may be worn out, and parts missing… but it doesn’t seem to hinder their imaginations one bit.

It’s so much fun to see what my little cousins and niece & nephews end up making — from houses, and cars to angry bird — they have probably made it all.

A couple of years ago, my little cousin even said to us that ‘we really need to get new Legos“. Maybe he’s right. We may not need many other toys for them to play with, but a new set of Legos might just be what is needed.

In a time when things are made not to last too long, it is so nice and sentimental to think about how we used to play with the same set growing up when we watch our younger cousins and niece & nephews play with it.

Very few things stay constant from one generation to the next. Most of the things we grew up with are a thing of the past for kids nowadays — they wouldn’t recognize it most likely — just like we probably wouldn’t recognize the TV shows they watch or the toys that are a hit now (or from our parents’ time)… so it’s so nice to see things that still connect one generation to the next.

In this case, a simple box of Legos.

A handful of legos: In this picture you can see that the green base to build things on  is broken :(, but the other  pieces are relatively in good shape. That yellow and red window is still in one piece and functional :).

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