Maria Baji’s Wedding Week

The last month has been hectic, insanely busy, and chaotic but SO much fun!
I thought I would get some relaxing time in after all the wedding events, since it’s been crazy since end of April around when finals were about to begin… but not yet.
As soon as exams ended, it was graduation week (Shazia’s, then mine, and then Faraz’s and Sheeraz’s a week later)… and then full into the wedding stuff.
In our culture, wedding festivities usually end up being about a week long and they lead up to the wedding itself; the evening of Faraz’s graduation (May 27th) was also the Mehndi event for Maria Baji’s Wedding.
It was also the day most of the guests from around the country and elsewhere (mostly Canada) began to arrive as it was also the night before the wedding… which made it seem more like a wedding house.
That night, Maria Baji got her bridal mehndi put on, and many of us girls and women put on mehndi as well… and did a few last minute things for the big day.
The day of the wedding was hectic, chaotic, tiring but so much fun! It’s crazy how much planning needs to be done for one event that will only be several hours long. The wedding was so much fun and so many people were there – one of the great things about weddings is that it becomes a family reunion… you see so many family members all in one place and it’s great.
For the whole Memorial Day long weekend, it was pretty much family time (and a lot of fun).
Congratulations Maria Baji and Raheel Bhai! I’m so happy for you. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness together!  

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