‘My Kid Would Never Do That’: Stranger Danger

Last week, Dateline ran a special called ‘My Kid Would Never Do That‘ which focused on ‘Stranger Danger’. I watched the preview for it a few days earlier, and it seemed interesting and set it to DVR. I finally watched it yesterday, and thought it was well done.

I’d recommend it to all, especially those of you with young children!

It was very realistic, and showed how vulnerable young kids are because they can be convinced so easily. It also showed a few strong minded kids who did a great job handling the situation. Overall, it was scary to think what could happen in the ‘real world’ situation, rather than this controlled setting.

I’ve attached links for the video below. The bad part is that the archive online for it is in six parts.

Click here for Part One.
Click here for Part Two.
Click here for Part Three.
Click here for Part Four.
Click here for Part Five.
Click here for Part Six.

If I find one link for the whole video, I’ll post that. If someone finds it, please email it to me or leave it as a comment here and I’ll update it!

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