Obama in Edison, NJ

How often does it happen to work out that the President of the United States visits your town… to visit a sub shop at that! Next to never?

That’s exactly what’s happening this afternoon! Obama is traveling to good old Edison, NJ — to “Tastee Sub Shop” to be exact… which is like only a few minutes away from my house. It just happens to be located at the worst intersection known to mankind so I can’t even imagine what the traffic will be like today with road closures and what not (considering how annoying it is to cross that intersection on a normal day).

I’ve been to a few rallies where Obama has been the key guest, most notably last October where I got to meet and even shake hands with President Obama (and see Bill Clinton a day earlier at my university). And while today might be another good opportunity to “see” him, I’m not sure I want go through the hassle considering it’ll be kinda hard to beat last October.

Just a funny thought though – Obama is in town to promote small businesses but him being in town is going to limit and close small businesses in the area for the day for security reasons and whatnot.

But oh well, I can still say: Obama came to my town. to eat a sub!

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  1. Obama spent millions of dollars to get to the White House, he should stay there. Inconviencing thousands of people and closing business so he can have a photo op is so inconsiderate and expensive. I don't want to pay for it.

  2. Anonymous, <br />He ran to be President. He didn&#39;t run to be a prisoner in the White House for next 8 years. If he didn&#39;t travel around the country people like you would be whining that he is out of touch with Americans. Every President in history has traveled. Get a clue.

  3. Just glad it wasn&#39;t Bush.. I lived in Edison most of my life so its kind of a big deal.. Happy to see him thinking outside of the box!! Its gotta be tough being prez the least he could do is enjoy a great sub sandwich without the bitching of unworthy ppl..

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