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For the second year in a row, Rutgers University students organized a walk out in protest of the war. For weeks, students could see the signs everywhere on campus encouraging everyone to walk out of their daily routines to protest the ongoing U.S. occupation in Iraq. Through email correspondence, facebook, and signs on campus, the majority of people got the message that “The Walk Out is occurring whether rain or shine! Walk out of class, your dorm room, the dining hall, your work, anywhere at 1:23 p.m.”.

At promptly 1:23 PM on Thursday March 27, 2008, the protesters gathered at the Vietnam Memorial in Voorhees Mall on College Avenue.

At two points during the march, the protesters (Rutgers University students and faculty, along with New Brunswick community members) sat down in the middle of George Street for brief sit-ins. One specific one was at the intersection of George and Albany streets in downtown New Brunswick, and was timed to last five minutes, representing one minute for each of the five years the Iraq war has gone on.

Protesters joined together with chants like “Hey, Bush, what do you say? How many kids have you killed today?”

According to Home News Tribune, “Hundreds of demonstrators blocked George Street, marched up Route 18 and rallied at Rutgers University’s Voorhees Mall on College Avenue”.

According to the Courier News,

“There was a visible law enforcement presence throughout the event, including police cars that blocked off points along the marchers’ route, a N.J. State Police helicopter hovering overhead, and plainclothes police snapping photos of the crowd.”

Some professors even chose to cancel classes in support of the students’ decision to protest. Also, according to the Daily Targum:

Part-time lecturer Bruce Reynolds of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies said although he does not have a personal opinion on the value of the Walk Out, he still cancelled his Writing and Editing for Print class in order to let anyone participate if they chose to.

“I think [protests] are as much a part of the college experience as anything else, and to deny them access to the Walk Out would be to deny them access to part of their education,” he said.

In addition to canceling class, Reynolds gave his students an assignment to write a news story about the Walk Out for extra credit. An assignment, he said, would be a good test of his students’ objectivity.

Here are a few links discussing yesterday’s walk out:
Click here’s the link for the article in the Daily Targum. The Daily Targum is the student-run daily newspaper at Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus.

This article, also from the Daily Targum, is from March 27th, 2008.

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Home News Tribune Article

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