What a Day…

Maria Shriver made a suprising guest appearance at a Barack Obama Rally today at a rally at University of California at Los Angeles. Shriver, of course, is married to California’s Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who endorsed the GOP presidential hopeful John McCain earlier this week. Feeling inspired, Shrived quotes Eleanor Roosevelt :”Do something every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt, this is my one thing for today.”

Also on stage were Michelle Obama, talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and Shriver’s cousin Caroline Kennedy. Michelle Obama has been campaigning for her husband and is an extraordinary speaker herself.

In other news, the New York Giants stunned the “perfect” New England Patriots having them end their season as 18-1. The ending to the game was extraordinary.

If Obama wins overall on Tuesday, that will make this week absolutely perfect 🙂

Before I end for tonight, a reminder that I also emailed out to many:

As all of you are already aware (or at least I hope so), this Tuesday (February 5th, 2008) is the primary in New Jersey along with 21 other states across the United States.

This is a reminder for all of you as to how important it is you cast a vote this Tuesday. What I most often hear is that this is just the primary…that it doesn’t matter right now, and I’ll vote in the general election. If we want the right person to win in the general election, we need to vote for the right person in the primaries.

It is most often the ones that do not vote that are the first ones to bicker about all the things happening against us and so forth. Unless you exercise your right to vote, it leaves you no place to complain.

I am not telling you to vote for one candidate over another. I simply urge you to vote.

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