Beginning of Winter Olympics ’10

Olympics – it’s honestly the only time every two years that I look forward to sporting events. In the summer games, my favorite are gymnastics and swimming (because of the last summer olympics)  and in the winter games – figure skating and ice dancing. The fact that the Olympics are being played in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada this year is a plus — I’m from Ontario, Canada!
It’s kind of bittersweet this year because this morning Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili passed away as he was practicing. International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Jacques Rogge said Nodar’s death just hours before the opening ceremony “clearly casts a shadow over these games.” I heard that it will be announced in the opening ceremony that this years games are going to be dedicated to Nodar, which is a nice gesture. At 21( my age!), he had his life cut tragically short… but he literally died doing something he loved. While that does not make it any easier, it is in a way some sort of consolation. 
There are so many aspects of the Olympics that I find so fascinating – like the fact that the best of the best from each country compete again the best of the best from other countries in all sorts of sports. I’m not naive – westernized countries obviously have better technology and opportunities because of what is available to them to  prepare and athletes from these countries are obviously going to win more… but the idea is nice anyways.
No matter whether you like sports or not, chances are you watch some aspect of the Olympics. It’s just one of those things that bring people together. I know I personally watch more sporting events during the Olympics than I do any other time. With everyone’s lives so busy all the time, the Olympics are one of those times that we slow down a bit to watch it together as a family. Even when we are all home, usually we are in our separate areas doing our own thing, but times like these – all five of us are sitting in the same room – and that doesn’t happen often enough anymore.
Now onto the opening ceremony – the ‘Parade of Nations’. Forget the spectacular show each hosting country puts on in the opening ceremony… my favorite part is the idea of all the athletes from each country walking in together representing their respected countries. It’s as if for sixteen days – all the differences are put on hold.
The opening ceremony is just minutes away now… so ENJOY! 

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