Traffic without Reason

For those of you familiar with the New York area, you will for sure agree with the fact that there’s almost always traffic to and from New York. It’s almost as if you are lucky if you somehow escape it.

I don’t know if there’s anything I despise more than traffic. Oh wait, there is… traffic for no reason!

If there’s a car accident and one (or two, or more…) of the lanes are closed, fine.

If there’s construction going on, fine. At least they are attempting to make the roads better (and hopefully extending them to be bigger).

If it’s peak commuting rush hour, fine.  People do have to get to work or back home from work.

It’s still going to annoy me, but at least there’s a reason for the traffic I’m stuck in in those situations.

Then there’s my favorite (yeah, right!). You know – the ones when you are not moving at all for some period of time or going at like two miles an hour for a little while (or sometimes a LONG while), and then out of nowhere you finally start moving at a pretty decent pace – you realize there was absolutely no reason for the traffic in the first place.

Sure, it’s possible that there was one of the above mentioned problems earlier and it has just cleared by now. But then again, I doubt it would clear up so fast that you would go from barely moving to being able to drive at a pretty decent speed.

I don’t know if that is worse or when cars start moving at an incredibly slow pace because of something (an accident, for example) that is happening on the other side of the road! Come on people! I know your curious individuals and all, but seriously…

It drives me absolutely crazy! Not only is everyone on the opposite side of the road stuck in traffic because of whatever occurred, but both sides – which is totally unnecessary.

By the way, this rant was a long time coming – it just took me going to New York twice within the span of a few days and facing these problems both times (going there and getting back) to actually rant about it.

On the belt park way, going to New York we were stuck in traffic because everybody on the road decided it would be nice to stop and watch someone who needed a simple tire change (but not actually help them or anything like that). On the way back from New York (we were just going to pick up my grandfather and go right back), we noticed that the traffic streched for MILES because of the same tire changing guy! Ridiculous, i tell you.

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