Shallow People

Arrogant and/or shallow people annoy me.

There are a lot things that annoy me about Facebook. Everything from the stupid things people say on Facebook, to what they share on Facebook about their lives, and the stupid things people invite you to (game applications, for example). Every now and then there are meaningful things shared on Facebook, but usually not.

When I signed onto Facebook this morning, I saw that a girl I’ve gone to school with since middle school (but don’t really talk to much) had updated her status to this:

I hid the picture and the name to protect the person’s identity.

I don’t now if this person thought it made them sound cool or what, but it just made me laugh at how shallow she was. It made me almost remove her from my friends list too, but the other two people were obviously a lot smarter than me since they actually did it.

How many of these 1300 people are really her ‘friends’? She’s in one of my classes this semester and the only time she has talked to me was when she needed notes from the two classes she missed. The first time, I gave them to her, the second time… not so much.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a small group of close friends any day in whom I can confide in and actually enjoy their company.

We all have acquaintances that we are friends with on Facebook — those that we don’t normally talk to — like people we went to school with in the past or worked with, but they are just that — acquaintances.

I’ll probably go through my Facebook friends list later to see who I actually talk to from the list.

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5 responses to “Shallow People”

  1. fraizerbaz says :

    LOL! The funny thing is that these two people might have actually simply canceled their Facebook account, rather than "unfriended" her.

  2. Summaiyah Hyder says :

    yeah, another person said that too.. still, this person needs a reality check.

  3. Muslim Girl says :

    Lol I would totally unfriend her just for that. I just find FB pointless (which is why I don't have an account), and a total waste of time.

  4. Summaiyah Hyder says :

    Yeah I've been thinking about deactivating mine for some time too, but I do like the fact that I can keep in touch with so many people.

  5. Anonymous says :

    Wow! What a great page! I agree with you 100% about Facebook. Glad to see others feel the same way I do. I wish I could delete half of my "so called" friends on there. I always get the oddest requests to be be friends with people I barely know or knew. Hoping to just close out my account one day.

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