Gotta love technology… (sometimes).

So as i am currently sitting here deciding whether to start working on one of my papers, my lab report, or my presentation first… i figured i would rant a bit to release some of my frustration.

So throughout my whole college career, i have always typed all my notes in all my classes (it’s more efficient, organized, and legible)… and never have i had a problem… until today. As always, i was sitting in my class typing my notes away… and then attaching/emailing it to myself. But for some reason it didn’t attach in the email, the file became corrupt, and the backup was deleted… so i’m completely out of luck… and of course, it has a lot of stuff i needed for my final for that class.

The thing is that in this class (cognition lab) we are all sitting at our own computers, so i don’t use my own laptop in this class only… so i couldn’t even do a system restore to try and attempt to get back the file! how frustrating!!!

But then again, i don’t know what i would have done with my laptop as i typed up FORTY-TWO typed pages of outlined notes for one of my classes in the span of two days this past weekend. My hands were killing me typing that much, so if i had to resort to writing it all out… i probably would have never even done it.

Or for the millions of other papers i’ve written. Or without my cell phone (for texting, especially). Or without wireless internet (or internet just in general).

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