First Experience as a Chaperone

So i chaperoned (for the first time ever – and boy did it make me feel old) a trip to Six Flags for one of my old teachers (Ms. Uyola) from high school today. It was interesting, to say the least.

The immaturity level of a lot of the students reminded me of yet another good reason why i’m SO glad i’m not in high school anymore… but overall, they were okay.

Earlier in the morning, i got to see and talk to one of my math teachers from high school (Mrs. Downey) who i love! She’s genuinely one of the nicest teachers (and person) i have come across.

It was so weird to be back at the school after two years though! (i graduated three years ago – in 2006 – but went back two years ago to talk to seniors about college, which i’ll be doing again next month – last year i was busy with the internship). Most of the teachers are new now … and even the environment was so different! it was SO laid back! until two years ago, we had to sign in, and wear “visitor” stickers identifying us as guests… but today, i stopped at the front office, and at the secretary’s office across the hall… asked in both places… and found out i could just go ahead and go in… the lack of security was appalling.

P.S. I’m three exams and six days away from summer vacation!

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  1. […] Back in 2009, I referenced in a post of the lack of school security and I’ll continue with that example. Walking into my former high school that day, without having to sign in as a visitor… without having to inform anyone who I was and what class I was visiting… without a name tag identifying me [as a visitor]: […]

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