Late this afternoon, i went to see the ‘Princess and the Frog‘ with a bunch of my cousins (it’s my cousin Samia’s 18th birthday on tuesday, so we went out for a lunch and a movie for an early celebration).The movie was pretty good and funny (it was a children’s movie, but we still had a great time). It was also the first time Disney has featured a ‘black’ women as a princess in one of their movies ever, so that was a big deal. When i started writing this blog post, my main point was going to be on discussing this, but it quickly changed when i realized how few movies i watch (partly because i really should be studying and paper writing and this would be quicker for now).

It’s pretty funny because usually i see one or two movies (if that) per year in theaters (and only a couple of them outside of theaters), and now this is the second movie I have seen in a few weeks (i saw Blind Side around thanksgiving time), and i plan on seeing Invictus soon as well. I don’t know if there’s been a string of good movies out (that actually interest me) or what, but in all honesty – i can’t think of what other movie i’ve seen in theaters all year.

So just for the sake of it, i searched up a list of all movies that came out this year to see which ones i’ve seen and here’s what i came up with:
(name of movie, release date, where i saw it)
Bride Wars – January 9, cousin’s house a few weeks ago (saw it Nov. 21).
State of Play – April 17th, theaters (saw it Apr. 27)
Angels and Demons – May 15, theaters (saw it May 22)
Blindside – November 20, theaters (saw it Nov. 25)
Princess and the Frog – November 25, theaters (saw it Dec. 13)
Avatar – December 18, theaters** UPDATED DEC. 26, 2009 (saw it Dec. 25)
I can’t believe i’ve only seen five movies all year long – in theaters and out combined! i know i don’t watch tv much, but i didn’t realize how little! I don’t know if i should be annoyed about that or happy that i don’t waste my time watching tv too much.
in my winter break in a few weeks, i want to see (don’t know if it will end up happening):
Up – released May 29
The Proposal – June 19
and two movies that are either in theaters or coming out soon:
Invictus – December 11
ha, according to my history – i’m more likely to watch the movies in the theaters.
have you guys seen any of these movies? what did you think of them? or do you have any other recommendations? most of all, i think it’ll cool to see what (and how many) movies you guys have seen this year. and perhaps, even harder to recall – movies you have seen this year that were released in the past.
Now back to the reality of studying for exams and paper writing…


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