Rutgers: Senior Photos

Last semester (in December), I took my senior photos.

I was picturing in my head that I would be take the typical ones you normally see everywhere — you know the typical shots:

  • in your cap and gown.
  • in your gap and gown holding your diploma.
  • in your gown holding your cap.
  • in your gown holding your cap and diploma.
  • a few in your dressed up outfit.

Maybe some that portray Rutgers in one way or another.

Well, it definitely was a very ‘Rutgers’ thing — full of mishaps.
They took three snapshots of the same thing — seriously there is no difference. I am holding a FOLDER that says Rutgers (could it get any more fake?). The tassel was from the year 2009!
Until now, I didn’t think much of it because I had other things preoccupying my time (LSATs and it’s on-going drama)… but when my brother’s senior photos came in this week – it reminded me of them and the fact that I want real ones!

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