Earth Hour

Today, people all around the world switched off lights (dimming buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) to show concern with global warming for one hour starting at 8 P.M., local time. According to an article on Yahoo!:

“Up to 30 million people were expected to have switched off their lights for 60 minutes by the time “Earth Hour” –which started in Suva in Fiji and Christchurch in New Zealand — has completed its cycle westward.

More than 380 towns and cities and 3,500 businesses in 35 countries signed up for the campaign that is in its second year after it began in 2007 in Sydney alone.”

Toronto’s CN Tower and its surrounding skyline was also expected to be in darkness for the hour.

Google even changed its homepage background to black from white on more than a dozen country sites, and had a message on the site which read: “We’ve turned the lights out. Now it’s your turn.” Here’s a picture of Google’s homepage from today:

What a neat idea..I love it. It’s for such a good cause and it will prove that little things add up to make a big difference. Most people do not even realize yet how big of a deal global warming actually is and what its consequences will be in the future.

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