North Carolina and Indiana Primary Results

With the Indiana and North Carolina primaries happening today, nothing unexpected happened. Clinton won Indiana narrowly and Obama won North Carolina.

With a close race in Indiana (it being “too close to call” all night), and a tremendous lead in North Carolina…Obama definitely has the benefit of a decent net gain to help him. Obama’s net gain in North Carolina definitely cancels out Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania, delegates wise. For the primary in Indiana, they didn’t “project” the race until past 1 A.M as it continued to be “too close to call” until about 95 percent of the votes were in. In the end, there was a difference of around 21,000 votes.

It was interesting that Clinton began her speech tonight with,

“Not too long ago, my opponent made a prediction,” she said. “I would win Pennsylvania, he would win North Carolina and Indiana would be the tie-breaker. Well, tonight we’ve come from behind, we’ve broken the tie, and thanks to you it’s full speed on to the White House.”

It seems to me she didn’t receive the memo the race in Indiana was still “too close to call”. Until pretty much the end, the race could have gone either way.

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