Three Caucuses and a Primary…

I haven’t had any free time since Super Tuesday, but how exciting was that? 🙂 I stayed up until about four in the morning (before I fell asleep) waiting for the last of New Mexico’s votes to be counted and tallied, but it is STILL not totally accounted for since it is such a tight race. Anyhow, it was definitely an exciting day, and Obama did extremely well and surprised a lot of people.

Mitt Romney dropped out on Thursday after very disappointing results on Tuesday.

Obama overwhelmingly won both of the Washington and Nebraska caucuses Saturday with a very large margin along with Louisiana’s primary which was also a pretty decisive win from the start. 🙂 Obama won the Virgin Islands race as well, even though no information was given about that except for the fact that he won.

Huckabee did extremely well too..he won both Kansas and Louisiana with a decent lead, and even though Washington remained pretty close, he did end up coming a close second at the end.

And how about Ron Paul? He got like 21% of the votes in Washington State.

I’ve heard several times this week that the young, the rich, and the educated are all large supporters of Obama. Its also been in the news that Obama has won a vast majority of the caucuses…I think like ten of the twelved caucus, including last night’s and tonight’s, Obama has won. Continually, in the latest national poll, Obama has a higher chance to beat McCain (and unless Huckabee miraculously wins all the rest of the primaries and caucuses, we know McCain is the republican nominee) than Hillary Clinton does.

Tonight was the democratic caucus in Maine and Obama won(as of now with 70 percent of the votes counted, Obama had 57 percent to Clinton’s 42 percent). Tuesday’s primaries in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia should be very interesting.

Besides that, today Hillary Clinton replaced her presidential campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle (who resigned) with Maggie Williams, who has been a long time adviser. Other than that, I also saw on CNN Political Ticker earlier that John Edwards met with Hillary Clinton on Thursday and is meeting with Obama tomorrow dealing with a possible endorsements…so we should be hearing about that soon.

To leave off with, a recent quote from Obama: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” (February 7th, 2008)

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