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Eric LeGrand’s Interview

If you are a local, I’m sure you are familiar with the Eric LeGrand story… and if not, I wrote about it here and then again here.

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi conducted the first interview with Rutgers defensive lineman Eric LeGrand since he was paralyzed during the football game against Army on Oct. 16. You can view it by clicking here.

Believe. How can you not?

Wishing LeGrand nothing but the best. He’s defied odds so far, and I’m sure he’ll continue to do the same in the future.

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Rutgers vs. Syracuse Football Game

This past Saturday, I attended the Rutgers vs. Syracuse football game, courtesy of winning two tickets through NJ.com’s (online version of a local newspaper) twitter account.

I graduated from Rutgers last May, and had not gone to any of the games so far in the season, so this game was also my first game as a Rutgers Alumni.

The first half of the game was quite mundane, but it quickly picked up in the latter half. Unfortunately, we lost.

It was, also, the first home game Rutgers was playing following the game against Army, where Eric LeGrand was paralyzed from neck below.

Here are a few pictures we took at the game:

Sea of Red:

The student section formed the number “52” in honor of LeGrand: 

During their half-time show, the Rutgers Marching Band formed a “52” in honor of LeGrand:

The Fall 2010 semester at Rutgers so far has been plagued with unfortunate events. Read my post about what happened in September by clicking here and October by clicking here. As for November — right before half time, one of the people attending the game fell at the game and is hospitalized in critical condition with injuries to his head. You can read more about that here. Some commenters on the news article seem to suggest that Rutgers is playing down the story, and all I can is this — I was just a few feet away at halftime in a crowd of people at the concession stands, and I didn’t find out until I was back in my seat later on via twitter.

Hopefully next semester will be a lot smoother.

I meant to write about the game that night, but when I got home my laptop suddenly would not turn on! It was running absolutely fine until before I left for the game, so I am not sure what happened. I ended up getting a new laptop Sunday, but I AGAIN lost everything from my old laptop which is quite annoying.

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Bad Luck Strikes Rutgers

What a month for Rutgers! The Fall 2010 semester has brought so much attention (local and national in both of the cases) to Rutgers — in a negative way unfortunately.

A few weeks back, I posted about my thoughts on the Rutgers freshmen who committed suicide. Since then, the Rutgers community has been hit with a missing student (who was fortunately found safe within a few days and it was deemed to be him leaving in his own will from what I have read) and a devastating injury to one of the Rutgers football players.

In a sport such as football, which is such a heavy contact sport, injuries are bound to be happen. You know in the back of your mind that the worst can happen, but you choose to not dwell on the fact. Unfortunately, it became reality for a Rutgers football player last week as they played against Army.

Eric LeGrand, a junior at Rutgers, took a hit and ended up with a devastating spinal injury that has left him paralyzed from the neck down (at least as of now). While the doctors aren’t sure at this point if he’ll recover and be able to walk one day at this point, we do all know the road ahead will be a long one and the whole Rutgers community is rooting for a full recovery and praying for him and his family.

Here’s a video I found on my local newspaper’s website:

In one of the MANY articles I’ve read in the past week on the top, one of the articles mentioned this irony:

In 2004, Manny Collins and two other players from the Rutgers football team were in a car that was rammed head-on by an SUV going the wrong way on Route 18 near the campus. The injuries they sustained from the car crash led none of the three players to be able to play again that season.

Now the freaky part is that … LeGrand was injured the same day — Oct. 16 — as Collins’ 2004 car accident. Rutgers had the same record (4-2) then as now and is playing the same opponent (Pittsburgh) in the same setting (Heinz Field) this weekend as it did six years ago following the accident.

As the Rutgers football team play their first game since the injury later today, all of the players helmets have a sticker with the word “believe” on it in honor of LeGrand.

In the wake of the injury, the Rutgers Division of Intercollegiate Athletics announced that they have establishment the “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund” to support Eric LeGrand and his family.

Contributions to the fund are not tax deductible and can be made by sending a check payable to the “Eric LeGrand Believe Fund” to:
“Eric LeGrand Believe Fund”
PNC Wealth Management
Attn: Kimberly G. Kingsland, Senior Trust Advisor
One Palmer Square Suite 201
Princeton, NJ 08542
For more information, feel free to visit http://scarletknights.com/believe/

What a (horrible) month for the Rutgers community. I graduated this past May so I’m no longer a student, but Rutgers was such a huge part of my life for the past four years — I can say without hesitation Rutgers is a part of my identity… and its happenings effect me.  Especially because I live so close to the campus.

Hopefully the rest of the semester goes by a whole lot smoother.

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Cap and Gown = Graduation Day is Approaching

So last Thursday I bought my cap and gown, which kind of made it official for me that I graduate in thirty-four short days! How unreal! There are just two and a half weeks of classes left (and I only have EIGHT actual days left of classes!!)

I gotta admit, it didn’t really hit me when I bought my own cap and gown, but as I was helping someone else with their cap and gown stuff yesterday (I work at the bookstore on campus)… it hit me then! Everyone who knows me, knows how emotional of a person I am so it won’t come as a surprise to many that it made me teary!

I just can’t believe how fast the past four years have flown by! It feels like orientation was just some time ago, and yet here is graduation day approaching rapidly.

Not to mention the fact that I HATE changes!

As much as there has been things that have annoyed me like crazy, there are so many things I would not have done or got the opportunity to do otherwise. To name a few off the top of my head:

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Thoughts: Registration, RU Football, LSATs

It’s so unbelievable, but i registered this past Monday (November 9th) for my last semester as an undergraduate at Rutgers University! I can’t believe it! It doesn’t feel like I have been here for so long (three and a half years at this point!) and now am just months away from graduating in May. While each individual semester has seemed to drag on forever, it has in general flew by pretty fast. It hasn’t been the easiest few years by any means, but i can honestly say it has been worth it. The roller coaster ride with the combination of the stress, challenges, agony, and the feelings of accomplishments have been nothing short of interesting, to say the very least.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on my mom’s hospital stay/surgery from the beginning of October (over a month ago!), and i just can’t seem to get some free time together. Hopefully in the next few days i will since i finally finished my midterms, papers, and projects this past week. Besides a few papers and a project, I don’t have much extra school work due until the final exams period which is about a month away.

I also got my LSATs score back near the end of October, and i didn’t do nearly as well as i would have liked or as well as i thought i would have done with all the studying time i put it. Needless to say, i was (and still am) quite frustrated and flushed. For the first few weeks, i was pretty upset (quite an understatement). I’m going to retake the LSATs in February and see how i do. People have been telling me not to let it get to me, but after all the studying, how can i not let it to get to me? It’s something i’ve been thinking about and aspiring towards since the eighth grade! I know if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out… and if it’s not… that’s alright too… but i CAN’T just not give it another try. i guess i’ll re-evaluate once i get my scores back from the LSATs from February and see what i want to do. I’ve been in the law school frame of mind for so long, that the thought that it may not be for me is quite upsetting. I’ll be off for about three weeks in between the fall and spring semester that starts mid January so i’ll have to get some hard core studying done then to prepare for the February LSATs.

On a quite different note, this past Thursday i also went to another Rutgers Football game – RU vs USF. Unfortunately with everything going on, it  was only the second game i have been able to attend this season (i went to the RU vs. Howard really early in the season). I was hoping i would be able to attend more considering it’s my last year as a RU student, but oh well. Hopefully, i’ll at least be able to go to the last home game of the season against West Virginia. RU vs. USF was an amazing game, and i had a great time – so even if it is the last game i attend as the student, it was great. The final score was RU – 31 and USF – 0. I was hoping for a great game with a huge win, but i didn’t think the ranked USF team would end up not scoring at all!

September at a Quick Glance

So i’ve been MIA from blogging recently (for like a month!), but that’s because a lot has happened (and has been happening) that has been keeping me quite busy!!

Anyhow, i took my LSATs this morning! The morning started off rough with having low air pressure in one of the tires of the car… and when i eventually got to the building where my exam was… there’s a note telling us to go to a completely different building. I mean i go to Rutgers, so getting to the other building wasn’t such a big deal for me… but for everyone that came to take the LSATs at Rutgers but doesn’t actually go to Rutgers… it was a challenge! One kid, candidly, suggested it was actually a practice logic game to help our brains focus :). Thank goodness i left early to leave ample leeway time.

I’ve been sick since monday, so i didn’t get too much studying done in the week leading up to, but i hope i did fine. If not, i can always retake them in December… i hope i don’t have to though! I HATE being sick ( i KNOW no one likes being sick!), and this constant weather change is driving me crazy… and is definitely the root of me being sick.

On another note, i began my senior year of college early this month! I can’t believe i am a senior in college… where has the time gone?! I remember my first day of school ever, starting second grade in canada once we moved there, then seventh grade when i moved to new jersey, starting high school, then college… and now it’s almost over! I really wish it would slow down a little! To think that in May, i will be a college graduate is AMAZING and weird!

All of this, of course, means that i have started looking at law schools and have began the process that goes along with it (letters of recommendations and whatnot), which has been a little nerve-wracking. All of it seems so surreal.

Oh, and Rutgers Football season is well underway as well! I’ve only been to one of the games so far… and haven’t really been following it to well this year because of the time constraint, but it’s still been fun when i do get the chance. Hopefully i’ll get a chance to go to a couple of more games this season… especially since it’s the last year i’ll be a student here.

A Great End to a Great Season and “Bon Jovi Kid”

Last night was the last game of the Rutgers Football 2008 Season, and it was amazing! The weather cooperated mostly, the atmosphere was great, and the game itself was a blowout. At the end of the first half, we were winning against Louisville 49 – 0! The final score turned out to be 63 – 14.

There was this adorable kid (Nicholas) at the game .. who was going crazy and got really into the music during one of the breaks.. and it was sooo cute. Thankfully, the kid’s father put it up on YouTube, and I have embedded it below. The video doesn’t do this kid justice, but here goes:

In this next clip (Jourdan Brooks being tackled by his hair),you cant almost feel it.. as if it was your own hair:

I can’t believe the season is over! I am definitely going to miss the excitement.. for another like nine months!

Rutgers Football

Rutgers football season has officially begun!

Weekend Update

Saturday afternoon, Rutgers played their bowl game in Toronto, Ontario against Ball State and won :). Ray Rice is supposed to announce within the next few days if he is going to leave Rutgers a year early to enter the NFL draft. I can’t believe I have been actually following football (just Rutgers Football) and have even gone to many games..who would have thought?

As of Sunday evening, Barack Obama is leading Hillary Clinton (his closest competitor in New Hampshire) by ten points in New Hampshire with its primary being on Tuesday! That is definitely great news for Obama. Super Tuesday is just a few short weeks away, which is where 19 states hold their primaries or caucuses for both parties plus three Democratic-only caucuses and one Republican-only primary. With a total of about 2075 delegates possible that day, we will most likely know at that point who the nominees will be for each party.