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It’s so unbelievable, but i registered this past Monday (November 9th) for my last semester as an undergraduate at Rutgers University! I can’t believe it! It doesn’t feel like I have been here for so long (three and a half years at this point!) and now am just months away from graduating in May. While each individual semester has seemed to drag on forever, it has in general flew by pretty fast. It hasn’t been the easiest few years by any means, but i can honestly say it has been worth it. The roller coaster ride with the combination of the stress, challenges, agony, and the feelings of accomplishments have been nothing short of interesting, to say the very least.

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on my mom’s hospital stay/surgery from the beginning of October (over a month ago!), and i just can’t seem to get some free time together. Hopefully in the next few days i will since i finally finished my midterms, papers, and projects this past week. Besides a few papers and a project, I don’t have much extra school work due until the final exams period which is about a month away.

I also got my LSATs score back near the end of October, and i didn’t do nearly as well as i would have liked or as well as i thought i would have done with all the studying time i put it. Needless to say, i was (and still am) quite frustrated and flushed. For the first few weeks, i was pretty upset (quite an understatement). I’m going to retake the LSATs in February and see how i do. People have been telling me not to let it get to me, but after all the studying, how can i not let it to get to me? It’s something i’ve been thinking about and aspiring towards since the eighth grade! I know if it’s meant to be, it’ll work out… and if it’s not… that’s alright too… but i CAN’T just not give it another try. i guess i’ll re-evaluate once i get my scores back from the LSATs from February and see what i want to do. I’ve been in the law school frame of mind for so long, that the thought that it may not be for me is quite upsetting. I’ll be off for about three weeks in between the fall and spring semester that starts mid January so i’ll have to get some hard core studying done then to prepare for the February LSATs.

On a quite different note, this past Thursday i also went to another Rutgers Football game – RU vs USF. Unfortunately with everything going on, it  was only the second game i have been able to attend this season (i went to the RU vs. Howard really early in the season). I was hoping i would be able to attend more considering it’s my last year as a RU student, but oh well. Hopefully, i’ll at least be able to go to the last home game of the season against West Virginia. RU vs. USF was an amazing game, and i had a great time – so even if it is the last game i attend as the student, it was great. The final score was RU – 31 and USF – 0. I was hoping for a great game with a huge win, but i didn’t think the ranked USF team would end up not scoring at all!

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