The Power of a Smile

There is this woman that I’ve seen/spoken to three days in a row now.

The first two days, she was terribly rude and had a major attitude problem (not just to me, to everyone she interacted with I noticed). I, in return, still started off with a smile and was courteous and polite throughout the conversation. On both days. Trust me, it was no picnic for me either!

By the third day, my patience (and trying to remain positive) was wearing thin and I didn’t even want to have to deal with her. I knew I would have to, however, considering she’s the receptionist.

The third day, surprisingly, she greeted me with a smile!

It. Made. My. Day.

I wonder if it annoyed her that I was still so polite and smiling while she was being a you know what the first two days…

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