Alhumdulillah, with the grace of God, my parents and I returned from hajj Saturday [yesterday] morning.

It was, indeed, an experience/opportunity of a lifetime and I am so fortunate/thankful for the chance. And to do it with my parents was the icing on the cake.

I also want to make note of how thankful I am for the group [group 19] I was part of and I am especially thankful for a handful of people in it that became like family. I felt like I have known some of these people my whole life. Speaking of family, I can’t forget my actual family that was there. Would you believe besides my parents and I, five more extended family members were also part of our 2MB program? Including my dad’s sister. Plus 2 more part of our broader program. AND 2 more family members that went for hajj not in our program. Alhumdulillah.

I tried my best to write up the day’s worth each night while I was away so I would have it for my record. I want to remember as much of the 21 days as I possibly can. This blog, is after all, my [very public] journal. The next few many posts will be them. As I recuperate and start feeling better, over the next few days I’ll post them to be published on the actual day they correspond to, so they will be post-dated. At the end, I’ll try and post all the links on one page, perhaps on this post, for convenience.

Going in, I did [a lot] of research, but no amount of research is enough– it’s the actual hands on experience that is the best teacher. And quite honestly, there is no way to describe it all and give it true justice– you truly have to experience it.

I also want to take some time down the road and discuss the misconceptions, the lessons I learned, and just some general thoughts. I can’t forget the “what you really need to pack” post I mentioned even before I left.

I can’t believe we made niyat [intention] for hajj 11 months {December 2012} before leaving, and the amount of time that went into everything… and it came and went in the blink of an eye.

Updated – Post-Hajj Trip Notes:
[October 6] – Before leaving for Hajj
October 8 – Arriving in Madinah.
October 9
October 10 – Ziyarat/Mazarat tour around Madinah.
October 11 – Jummah in Madinah/Leaving for Makkah/Umrah
October 12 – Arriving in Makkah/Umrah
October 13 – First day of Hajj
October 14 – Day of Arafat
October 15
October 17
October 19
October 20
October 21
October 22 – Ziyarat/Mazarat tour around the city of Makkah
October 23
October 24 – Last full day in Makkah/Jummah at the Haram
October 25 – Leaving Makkah/Traveling [back home]
October 26 – Arriving home!
Misconceptions and General Thoughts [Hajj]
Dar el Salam [our travel group/program]
Hajj Packing List


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