Hajj Trip: October 26

Posted on a later day, 11.04.13, I chose to keep the dates in mark with their corresponding dates from our Hajj trip for convenience. You can see a link of all the post-trip posts by clicking here and scrolling downClick here to see the previous day’s post and then click here to see my next post on misconceptions and some general thoughts.

Saturday October 26.

We’re home. Home sweet home.

Oh, how I missed my bed.

We left Dubai about an half hour late, landed at JFK around 9:10 am (45 minutes late). All the logistics didn’t take too long at the airport, but waiting for some of our luggage took forever. I was thinking it would be the customs that would be the time consuming portion. 

Side note: many people who didn’t box their zam zam water at the Jeddah airport like they were advised to received the unpleasant surprise of the water leaking [through the bottle and at times even through the sealed plastic bag]. As you can imagine, the workers at the airport weren’t thrilled. So all of you future hajjis’ [inshallah]: have it boxed even though it’s already sealed in the plastic bag!

Greeting us at the airport? My brothers, Chotti Anna, and Anjum Khala!

FYI, long flights aren’t for everybody. Definitely not me. I cannot for the life of me just sit there for so long. Neither can I just fall asleep instantly like my brother Faraz. The long plane rides, both ways, were uncomfortable to say the least. Even more so on the way back since I wasn’t feeling well either. It was like a coughing competition on the flight back. I may, or may not, have been one of the top contenders. Making the long plane ride back home a little more bearable: I bought wifi to keep me entertained!

By the way: my mom and I both wore a mask throughout our three weeks overseas. My dad didn’t. Guess which two came back sick?!

Anyhow, before driving back home, we made a [very quick] pit-stop at my aunt’s in NY to visit my maternal grandfather, Papa. I can’t even describe how happy I was to see him. Just being in his presence makes me smile and make the most of every moment together. To see him this day, and to see him so well alhumdulillah was the icing on the cake. Before I left for hajj, I was upset FOR him. Praying to God for Papa from THE house of God, I can honestly say I feel more at peace than I did before I left. Like He heard me.

Everything will be okay. Everything, indeed, happens for a reason. You just have to keep faith.

New York wouldn’t be New York if it didn’t greet us with [a lot] of traffic. Typically I would have been very annoyed very easily, especially since I wasn’t feeling well. Except I just got back from a place where a 10-15 minute bus ride often took us 4-5+ hours. For once, New York traffic didn’t even phase me.

We finally got home around 12:30 PM where we were greeted to a decorated house by my brothers, Chotti Anna and Imran. How very sweet of them!

Saba chachijan made and brought lunch for us [and some food for later too!], which everyone enjoyed together. Anjum Khala sent some food home with us [when we stopped earlier to see Papa], and Chotti Anna made a lot of food too! Including fish for me! All day we had family visit before I knocked out for the night relatively early. I can’t forget the flowers and mithai everyone brought!

There is no place like home… but can I go back already?

Click here to see my post-hajj post from the day after we got back home [it also includes a link to all my hajj days’ posts at the bottom]. Also, click here to see my post on some misconceptions and some general thoughts.

Posted on 11.04.13

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