25th Birthday

A quarter of a century old. That’s me today.

Where has the time gone and why is it going by so fast?! Sheesh. Can it slow down just a bit? I feel like 2013 just started and it’s already more than half over.
Back to the birthday. Did I post here about how I lost a year? Really, I did. For the longest time (or since my last birthday I suppose), I kept thinking I was 23. That’s the answer I gave when people asked me, and that’s the answer I whole-heartedly believed.
Then my brother’s birthday came around in April. And when people asked how old HE was now, I told them 25. After calculating he is 15 months older than me.
Then, he overheard someone asking me. His response? “I’m 26 you goofball!”
Aaah, it couldn’t be. That would mean I am was 24… and worse, about to turn 25 in a few short months (today!) How could I really not know how old I was?!


So that brings me to today.

A quarter of a century old. And apparently already effecting my memory. (Just kidding – thank goodness my memory is as sharp as ever. Sometimes too good in remembering unnecessary details).

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