First ‘Catering’ Order!

As I went to create this post, I realized this is my 500th blog post on this blog: how incredible! And about something so neat too! This blog has been so great to me — I’ve used it to vent, reflect, share… and so much more! Some things are just better expressed written, don’t you think?

Now onto the post itself…

So earlier today, I had my first small “catering” order picked up. Perhaps, it will be the start of something? I love cooking, so this was a fun experience. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future “What’s for Dinner” may lead to something so much more.

My friend’s mom placed an order of a few different things, and I’ll admit: I was excited and nervous at the same time. Cooking for your family/friends is one thing, but there is added pressure when you are being paid to do it. Suddenly, there are expectations. You know what I mean? It’s not just experimenting in the kitchen to see what/how the end result will be. It’s don’t mess up someone else’s dinner. When I go out to restaurants, I expect my food to be a certain way [and don’t like to be disappointed]. I don’t want to disappoint either.

As I was thinking of my favorite dishes to make, I realized something– a lot of the things I make are best served fresh. Isn’t that the case for most meals? How does one go about using that in the catering world? Dishes just aren’t the same after a while, even if they are reheated. I feel like that will be a challenge for the perfectionist in me.

I guess in that sense, desserts are so much easier. Some get better as they sit, others can be refrigerated  There are options to work with. Yes, there are desserts that need to be eaten warm, etc. but you aren’t limited.

I can’t end this post without thanking my friend Maria. I’ve had so many people encourage me to advertise and start a home-based catering service for so long, and I have always been so hesitant. This may have just been the push I needed. If it is, indeed, the start of something more — I hope all those that have encouraged me so far will keep me humble… and be the constant reminder to me, that first and foremost: this is something I like doing.

It’s personal first. Business second.

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