Weekend in Washington D.C.

Last weekend, during President’s Day Weekend, my family and I went to Washington D.C.

I’ve seen most of the tourist spots between my ten day stay in Baltimore/Washington D.C. through LeadAmerica’s Law and Trial Advocacy Program back in 2005. What I hadn’t seen then and really wanted to see was the Arlington National Cemetery [mostly for the eternal flame at JFK’s grave site], but I did get to experience that a few years back with my parents and brother.

At that time, my other brother, Faraz, was residing in Canada.  He wanted to do a weekend in D.C. and see some of the things he hadn’t seen before. As a family, we’ve seen some of the popular sites: last trip a few years back we did the tour of the Capitol, went to the Supreme Court, amongst a few other things.

But there’s just something about Arlington National Cemetery. Second time around, it was just as neat to see. The eternal flame at JFK’s grave site is something everyone should see, that’s for sure. The Tomb of the Unknown is another part that is a must-see — I talk more of that back in this post.

Other highlights from that day: watching “Journey to the Stars” at the Planetarium in the Air and Space Museum and the Washington Monument. We ended day one in D.C. with visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial before heading back to Virginia for the night to spend time with the family.

Day Two: We started our second day off with walking through the Vietnam War Memorial on our way to visiting the Lincoln Memorial.

What I hadn’t seen before this trip: the Newseum. We rounded off the trip with visiting the Newseum — which was probably one of the main reasons we all wanted to go to Washington D.C. this time around. We spent several hours going through the six floors, but could definitely spend more time going through it more in detail. It’s absolutely amazing, and something everyone needs to see. While most things in Washington D.C. are free of charge, the entrance fee for the Newseum, I’d say, is well worth the money. The best part is that the entrance fee is valid for two consecutive days… so well worth it for those who can spend the time. You won’t regret it.

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