Locked Out

So you know what I did this weekend?

I locked the keys in the car. In the trunk. In a rental. In another state. Ugh.

Oh and I managed to do this the night of my cousin’s, Naairah, graduation party.

On the positive side, I guess it was a good thing that we were already at the hall, and we didn’t realize the mishap until near the end of the party.

It was an innocent mistake, but I felt terrible. Paraphrasing my brother’s words: Niagara falls of tears were shed [by me]. I’m a crier. A big one. Happy moments, sad moments, mad moments. I guess add stupid moments too.

My cousin, the graduate, needed to borrow blush. It was in my luggage in our rental, so I borrowed the keys from Faraz and we headed to car. Opened the trunk, took out bags covering my luggage, somehow managed to set the keys in the trunk in between, opened my luggage and dug out the blush. She used it, we put everything back in it’s place, shut the trunk with all my might [it was heavy!] and headed back in.

No keys. Little did I know though at this time.

It wasn’t until much later, near the end of the party, when Faraz asked my for the keys. My response? I don’t have the keys. His? Yes you do, you took them from me.

Panic mode as I check my belongings and head back to the car. My thinking [or hope]? The trunk wouldn’t have locked with the keys in it. I immediately knew it was in the trunk because I remembered not coming back in with it. Especially because I used both hands to shut the trunk door.

Nonetheless, we searched the hall, I retraced my steps, checked the bathroom, told the hotel workers [in case it showed up], etc. Finally, called Triple A who came to the rescue. A couple of hours later.

It doesn’t end there though. When they get there, they tell my brother and dad that they don’t think the keys are locked in the car because if that was the case the car wouldn’t have locked [BMW 2013 model]. Yeah, well, that’s what I thought too.

Oh, and the car alarm starts going off as soon as they unlocked the car through the back window. So my brother climbs in, and heads to the trunk, emptying our trunk… until finally: the key is found!

And so all of this. And all because of blush.

This will be a weekend to remember. Not just because my cousin graduated, or how great the keynote speakers were at her graduation (the best I’ve ever heard), or pretty much the whole family got together, or the crazy weather that first day… or anything like that: but because of the car. and blush.

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