Earth Hour is Tomorrow!

The annual Earth Hour is approaching us!

Don’t forget to participate in Earth Hour and turn off your lights for one hour on March 31, 2012 (tomorrow) from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m!

Here are a few other suggestions and tips for what you can do (besides turning off all the lights in your house):

  1. Turn electronics and appliances off! This means coffeemakers, toasters, computers, video games, etc.
  2. Unplug wires (of TV’s, computers, cell phones, fans, etc.)
  3. I would have never thought of this one — but fill up your freezer! Did you know that an empty freezer uses up more energy than a full one?
  4. Another interesting tidbit — using the dishwasher is fine! An energy efficient dishwasher will not only use half the energy but also one-sixth the water than if you were to wash dishes by hand.

Are you participating? Would love to hear your stories/see pictures!

Last year I marinated for a BBQ the following day  (YES, in the darkness… I only had one candle on) and had so much fun sitting as a family and talking about old memories. You can read all my previous Earth Hour related posts by clicking here.

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