Thoughts on Trapped Miners in Chile

Anyone with a heart has to have been disheartened following the story of the 33 miners trapped underground since August 5th (68 days!) in Chile. How can you not?

I’ve read many stories on the whole incident every day for the last ten weeks. Each time I did so, I got chills and thought about what they were going through – physically and mentally.

Knowing the rescue mission was to go underway tonight, all day today it was on my mind. I can’t think of anyone who isn’t rooting for a safe rescue of all of the miners later today and in the next few days. As a psychology student, I have been thinking a lot about how not only are the next few days important, but more importantly so are the next few weeks and months as each miner settles back into their “routine” and their psychological state.

It was so admirable and inspirational when I was reading earlier today that all of the miners are keep insisting to stay on the mine site until all of their fellow trapped miners have been rescued (instead of being transported to the hospital as they are rescued). Their strength, solidarity and endurance throughout this ordeal has been amazing.

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