Thoughts on Trapped Miners in Chile, Part Two

All of the 33 miners were rescued and brought to safety!

What an amazing story! With so many odds against them, and so many potential risks along the way – it is an absolute miracle. An absolute fairy tale ending for what could have been a horrendous tragedy.

What started off as 17 days without contact with the outside world, starting August 5th, with little to no food for that duration… ended in a miraculous way. After spending 70 days 2000+ feet underground, they were finally rescued! The rescue efforts went great and without any major hitches – you couldn’t ask for anything more… especially considering the fact it took about half the time than what was originally predicted.

I’ve been glued to to the TV and my phone for the past twenty four hours watching all the latest developments and watching each miner being ascended to safety – with a smile plastered on my face and emotions running high. I’m an emotional person, I know that, but you just can’t help it. The tears of joy and the chills as each miner was reunited with the outside world and their families, reminded you each time how differently this could have ended. Thinking about how I was feeling, I can’t even imagine what the miners, their families, and the rescuers were feeling.

As I read somewhere online earlier, these miners were the luckiest ‘unlucky’ men alive. Well said.

There were so many inspirational stories told throughout this ordeal, but one of my favorites was when Jimmy Sanchez, the 19 year old miner (the youngest one trapped), said that there weren’t 33 of us down there, there were always 34 of us – because god never left our side (i’m paraphrasing).

For the past 10 weeks, but especially for the last 24 hours, people throughout the world were praying and hoping for the best possible outcome, and that’s exactly what we got. The rescuers involved did an amazing job and they deserve much thanks for their efforts. I can’t imagine how they are feeling after finally being able to breath a sigh of relief.

What an amazing 24 hours. What a miracle.

Counting my blessings,

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