A House Turned Home

Alhumduillah, two LONG years after we first saw this house… we closed on our new home today!

After seeing many (and i mean MANY – like well over a hundred), we stumbled across a great house two years ago. The house was probably the first one that we all sort of liked… and more importantly it was a house that would work for us!!

It seemed to good to be true, and was proven rightfully so when we found out it was a short sale (hence the two year wait). Many times it seemed like it wouldn’t work out and, that we were wasting our time, that it wasn’t meant to be… but alas!

The house needs a lot of work, so we aren’t moving just yet – but just the thought of packing (and even worse — unpacking) is making me exhausted.

Inshallah, there will be many great memories in this new house for us.

P.S. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below on your thoughts! As always, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. thats awesome! sounds like the same scenerio we were in, we looked far and wide for a house to fit 2 families and finally found the one we are living in today. It also needed a lot of work but in a way it was nice because you get to custom build things the way you like it…..have fun with the renos 🙂

  2. That is so good mA. Please give my congrats to ur parents and may Allah(swt) grant His blessings on this new house and give you all happy memories iA. We have to visit soon iA

  3. thanks everyone :)<br /><br />anon #1 – hopefully the renovations will be swift and without problems. wishful thinking, i know.<br /><br />anon #2 – i&#39;ll pass on the congrats but you are anon so i don&#39;t know who it is! 🙂

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