You and I both know how much I hate changes.. and there have been a lot of them lately. The biggest of them yet is you moving to Canada. Its so weird to think that you’ll be in a different country and even weirder to think that we’ll only see you a couple of times a year for a while.

Sometimes its hard to realize that we are in our 20s, and not little kids anymore. Just the other day I was thinking about the things we did as kids – like building a tent in our living room with the dining chairs and a lot of blankets and comforters. We would play for hours underneath there and even eat snacks in my play kitchen-ware. It’s the little things that become memorable as you look back. I wish time would slow down sometimes, but it seems to be going by faster and faster instead.

You sure can drive me crazy A LOT of times, but we’re going to miss having you around all the time. You know moving away back to Canada for this new job and all means you will have to grow up and act your age, right? 🙂

Things have always come so easily for you, or so it seems. Whether its winning things off of twitter many times over or leisure reading as the rest of us prepare rigorously for exams, you’ve taken everything in stride.

Never doubt your abilities, but don’t become over-confident either. Best wishes as you start this new job! I know this is just the beginning of a lot of great things to come your way.

Love you always,


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