Is it summer vacation yet? I feel like classes just began (even though its been over a month) and I’m so overwhelmed with work, it’s ridiculous! I know, I know… I should have taken less classes, but doesn’t it feel like you have no time for anything no matter how much you are doing? This week was just particular bad because of the lack of sleep ALL WEEK. Last Friday afternoon my family and I went to Virginia for the weekend to visit family and so of course getting sleep wasn’t even an option. Then I’ve had exams and papers due all week, so I’ve gotten absolutely no sleep… and I NEED MY SLEEP!

Anyhow, T.G.I.T.! Thank God it’s Thursday (evening)… for now, I’ll settle for the weekend for a little break (that involves two papers, studying for yet another exam, ATTEMPING to catchup in all the readings in at least some of the class, and an official practice test of the LSATs).

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