Florida, Continued.

Monday, bright and early (8 AM), we went to epcot. This was the only day that all sixteen of us went to the same park. Epcot was probably my favorite park overall because of all the shows we watched.

at epcot, my favorite two rides were soarin’ and this other one (that i can’t remember the name of) where it simulated a shuttle launch and we end up at mars. in soarin’, we literally we’re soaring over los angeles – it was so cool!

Tuesday, we spent ALL day at magic kingdom (got to the park before 9 AM and got back to our hotel after midnight). The parades and fireworks at magic kingdom were beyond amazing… of all the fireworks i’ve seen, the fireworks at magic kingdom were beyond spectacular… a definite must-see!

The only major dissapointment from magic kingdom was that i didn’t get to take a picture with snow white or winnie the pooh/tigger. i saw snow white from far, and after waiting in line forever to take a picture with winnie the pooh and tigger – my brother faraz and i gave up to move on and do other things.

Wednesday was our day to sleep in (by which i mean waking up at 8:30 AM). We went out to eat lunch at “Adam’s Philly Steak & Gyros“, and it was my absolute favorite meal from our trip. the portions were large, the taste was delicious… and it served halal food!

from there, we went to the “Florida Mall” to go to the M&M’s World, which was really cool.

at that point we still had some time to kill before our flight, but we decided to go to the airport anyways so we could try to see the shuttle launch (that had been delayed AGAIN)… fortunately, that paid off because we finally saw it happen! there were a lot of people gathered towards the east of the airport (and we could see a lot of the workers gathering through the windows down by the planes as well).. and it was awesome to see the shuttle launch and follow the orange glowing streak as it headed up… it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!

soon after, we boarded our jetblue flights… not knowing of the crazy storm heading our way (and the tornado just south of us). after an over 2 hour flight delay, we were finally on our way. the first half hour or so of the flight was pretty scary as the lightening was still pretty strong (i was definitely concerned about flying in it). i mean if they were going to delay the flight over two hours because of the storm… what was another half hour or so? even worse, the pilot announces that we would be the first to take off after the storm (um, thanks? that makes me feel better… NOT!). Fortunately, everything went fine.

I can’t believe how fast the five days flew by! Don’t you hate when that happens?

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