Winter Break ’09

Why is it that it seems like we wait for vacation for so long and then when it finally comes, it just flies by… no matter how long (or short) it really was. It feels like winter break just started, but it is going by so fast and already coming to an end and classes start again on January 19th (and I start working on the 17th after requesting the winter break off to study) – and it’ll be my last semester as an undergraduate. SO hard to fathom!

This break was pretty low key – we didn’t travel anywhere too far… but did a lot of little things here and there (and had A LOT of dinner parties!).

Oh and i think i made up for the fact that i watched like no movies throughout last year (read this post from last month), by watching both Avatar (with a lot of my cousins and Faraz) and Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel (with my parents and Faraz) in my winter break.

I also got a chance to catch up with Yasmin on Monday of last week. I’ve known Yasmin since the seventh grade (when I first moved to New Jersey) and she’s been a great friend since. We went to different schools for the first time last year when she decided to transfer to a different college. Even though I don’t get a chance to see her too often nowadays, everytime I do – it’s like I see her all the time. Some things, fortunately, don’t change.

And of course, I studied, studied, studied for the LSATs. I can’t even stress how much I’m looking forward to February 6th to get them over with (and hopefully with a decent score, of course). It sucks that I spent a lot of summer break and now my winter break studying for them. Hopefully, it pays off this time. Once I get my scores three weeks after taking the exam, I have some serious decision making to do.

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