I am scared of all bug related things, so when I just noticed two cicadas at my front door? Yeah, not going over so well.

Several years back, I saw them through the safety of the car on a road trip down to Virginia to visit family. When we got there, cicadas were also there to welcome us unfortunately. The wimp in me would run from the house to the car and back.
So far for this years invasion? We were lucky. I heard them scantly but had yet to see them in our area. I figured they would not be appearing in our area [hopefully].
And then tonight occurred. After putting the garbage and recycling items out, my brother came inside the house mentioning a big bug. Our mom asked, “it’s not a cicada is it?” jokingly to which he responded “it looked like one”.
Half hour or so later, I opened the door and there they were. Large, gross, and flying way too close to my liking.
Can they go away now?

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