For the most part, during taraweeh in the month of Ramadan, we weren’t distracted or disturbed by kids because they had set up babysitting in the basement for the young ones.

Most obliged, and left their young kids there. Of course, there were some who must have though that their “angel” of a kid wouldn’t bother anyone… and it couldn’t be farther from the truth for the most part.

One particular night near the end of the month, during prayers, and trying my hardest to not get distracted, I couldn’t help overhear a little girl crying and wandering back and forth calling out for her mother.

Mid-prayer a young boy crosses over from the divider between the men and women section. The girl notices him and with a whimper asks “can you help me find my mom? I’m lost”. The boy, in turn, asks “what does your mom look like?”

The girl’s innocent response? “She wears a hijab“.

For those that don’t get it — a hijab is a head-covering Muslim females wear. Even those who don’t wear one regularly, would indeed be wearing one in the mosque.

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