McCain’s Just Like Us Huh

So McCain’s just like us huh.. McCain and his campaign have been trying to instill how ordinary McCain is in the American population and of course another crazy fact comes out against McCain. So not only does he have so many houses that he can’t remember how many in total he has, now we find out McCain owns 13 cars! 13! And of course let’s not forget the fact that McCain believes one would need to make over 5 million dollars in a year to be considered rich. Oh yeah, he’s just like the average American.

Here’s the quote from the CNN Political Ticker:

A Newsweek article published on the magazine’s Web Site Sunday said registration records show the McCains currently own 13 cars — two of which are foreign-made: a Honda and a Volkswagen. That appears to contradict the Republican presidential nominee’s past statements he only buys cars made in America. (Cindy McCain also drives a Lexus and daughter Meghan owns a Toyota Prius, but neither are registered to the McCains.)

Newsweek also reported Barack Obama owns one car: a Ford Escape Hybrid.

I don’t know about you.. but I sure don’t know any “average” person that owns that many properties or automobiles…who is he trying to fool with his lies?

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