McCain Attempts to Cancel V.P. Debate Altogether

Tell me you didn’t see this coming : McCain’s excuse attempt to delay tomorrow’s first presidential candidate debate was actually an effort to cancel the V.P’s debate! McCain wants to delay the debate from tomorrow.. cancel the V.P. debate.. and in place of the V.P debate, hold the debate originally slotted for tomorrow. The first thought that came to my mind yesterday afternoon when I heard McCain wanted to delay tomorrow’s debate was that he’d doing this as a part of a bigger deceitful plan to cancel the V.P debate and surprise surprise I am right – I am sure many other people caught on fast enough as well.

The article also insists that McCain simply won’t go to the debate Friday if there’s no deal on the bailout. Is McCain personally going to fix our economic problems? – oh please! If anything, the debate is that much more important to see what the two of them have to say about such issues. McCain simply realizes how unprepared Palin really is and he’s still trying to keep her from incriminating themselves any further – but the general public is not that stupid (or at least I would hope so).

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