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First Presidential Candidate Debate

Yesterday was the first of three (at least I hope there still will be three) presidential debates. I would call it as a draw, simply because neither candidate did outstanding. One big turnoff for me was that Obama kept saying McCain is “absolutely right” and I “agree” with McCain over and over again – I …

McCain’s Just Like Us Huh

So McCain’s just like us huh.. McCain and his campaign have been trying to instill how ordinary McCain is in the American population and of course another crazy fact comes out against McCain. So not only does he have so many houses that he can’t remember how many in total he has, now we find …

McCain’s Choice Helps Obama Instead

CNN’s headline as “Palin raises millions — for Obama” says it all. After Sarah Palin’s speech last night, Obama has raised $10 million in one day, which is a one day record. The funny part is, that the Republican Party announced earlier that it had raised $1 million since Palin’s speech in comparison. Click here …

No Time

Classes started on Tuesday = no free time (at all) = no time for blogging! I must catch up on the RNC at least! and I can’t believe it’s my junior year of undergraduate.. where is the time flying to??