May 26th and May 27th, 2008

Let’s start off with yesterday. Yesterday night we went to the Colosseum to see “Indiana Jones”. The place was very pretty nice. We got back home around 12:30, and were just sitting around talking … and about ten or fifteen minutes later the lights went out. At first, I thought it was just my cousin’s house and the fuse blew out or something, but when we looked out – the whole neighborhood was in dark. Even at 1 A.M., with no electricity we could still walk around and see things on the main floor because of course it wasn’t even completely dark outside.

Today, my brother and I ventured out on our own for the first time today. At first we were very wary/hesitant due to the language barrier, but it wasn’t bad at all considering we didn’t have to talk Norwegian at all. Overall, the people here are really nice.

We walked around the Oslo City Mall for a few hours, and then ventured outside to roam around. We walked around for a while, and then walked to and through the King’s Palace.

Today, we first-handedly saw how expensive it is here. After currency conversions, it is still at least twice as expensive here then in the U.S.

Tonight, we are going to our cousin Arslan Bhai”s house for dinner.

Here our some pictures of some of the things we saw earlier today:

This last one (above) is a picture of the King’s Palace.

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