May 28th and May 29th, 2008

Yesterday, we met up with our cousin Arslan bhai where he works and then went out with him around Oslo.

The building where he works at was pretty neat and it is built in a really modern style. The view from there was absolutely beautiful as well (I feel like I say that about everywhere here – but it’s true. The view is great.)

Some of the places we went yesterday was the place where it is decided who receives the Nobel Prize for that given year and where it is announced, this new Opera building that is built in a neat way, and a boardwalk near the water which is called Aker Brygge.

Today, we went to the Munch Museum here, where of course two of the famous pictures are of “Scream” and “Madonna”.

I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here. As soon as we go back, I start my internship and my brother starts his Co-op… and the rest of the summer will fly by.

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