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Another Fun Logic Question

Here’s another fun logic problem, although different in content. I’ve seen a different format of this question before (with different animals and such), but this specific one was assigned to me in one of my classes for fun. Anyways, here goes: There are three hobbits and three orcs on one side of a river. They …

Dean Says One Must Drop Out

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said today that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama must drop out of the Democratic presidential race after the June primaries have ended so that the party can be unified by the convention and win the general election in November. On an interview on Good Morning America, Dean said that, …

Pennsylvania Primary Results

School has definitely taken over my life this semester…I don’t recommend taking six classes to anyone…unless at least a few are extremely easy or 100 level classes. It’s just way to exhausting and near impossible to keep up with. Fortunately classes end in just under two weeks..and then finals. On to the Pennsylvania primary results: …

New Layout

I love the new layout that Hilary Keegan designed for me. Check out her blog where she has displayed some of her other designs… she’s AMAZING! Many thanks to Hilary… I appreciate it a lot! 🙂 Besides the new layout, not much is going on. I am in Virginia visiting family for the weekend again.