Results As They Come In…

and the fun begins!

9:38 AM: New Mexico is still too close to call for the democrats.

1:36 AM: In the democratic race, the popular vote is divided at 49% for Clinton and 48% for Obama.

1:23 AM: Obama wins Missouri.

12:46 AM: Obama wins Alaska.

12:26 AM: McCain gets a huge win in Missouri by narrowly defeating Huckabee. It’s another “winner takes all” state.

12:25 AM: McCain and Clinton win California. 🙁

12:13 AM: Clinton wins Arizona.

12:04 AM: Huckabee wins Tennessee.

Feb 6th 12:03 AM: Romney wins Montana.

11:48 PM: Romney wins Colorado.

11:46 PM: Obama wins Utah.

11:41 PM: Obama wins Colorado and Idaho.

11:29 PM: Huckabee wins Georgia (72 delegates…it was a really tight race between McCain, Romney and Huckabee throughout the night — think about it: Georgia’s poll was the first one to close at 7 PM).

11:11 PM: Romney wins Minnesota.

11:02 PM: Romney wins North Dakota.

10:– PM: Huckabee says “A lot of people have been trying to say that this a two-man race. Well, you know what? It is. And we’re in it!” 🙂

10:41 PM: McCain wins Arizona (another “winner takes all” state).

10:31 PM: Obama wins Minnesota.

10:30 PM: Huckabee wins Alabama.

10:21 PM: Obama wins Kansas and Connecticut.

10:06 PM: Obama wins North Dakota.

10:04 PM: McCain wins Oklahoma.

9:59 PM: Romney wins Utah.

9:49 PM: Clinton wins New Jersey.

9:46 PM: Clinton wins Massachusetts (even though they definitely announced this already at 8:58 PM).

9:25 PM: Obama wins Alabama.

9:20 PM: McCain wins New York. It’s another “winner takes all” state( with 101 delegates).

9:07 PM: Obama wins Delaware.

9:01 PM: Severe weather in Tenn., Ark. forces early poll closures
Ayaz’s response: “God is on Hillary’s side”. No wonder she won both of these states 🙂

9:00 PM: Clinton wins New York.

8:45 PM: McCain wins Delaware

8:33 PM: Clinton wins Tennessee.

8:32 PM: Huckabee wins Arkansas.

8:30 PM: Clinton and Huckabee win Arkansas.

8:09 PM: McCain wins New Jersey (winner takes all delegates for the republican party in New Jersey).

8:01 PM: CNN projects Romney wins Massachusetts, McCain wins Connecticut and Illinois, Obama wins Illinois, and Clinton wins Oklahoma.

8:00: Polls close in many Super Tuesday states.

7:02 PM: Obama wins Georgia.
It is way to close to call for the republicans..it’s a three way tie as of now.

7:00 PM: Polls close in Georgia.

2:26 PM: Huckabee wins West Virginia

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