Past Few Days in Summary (Political-wise)…

Wow, a lot of things have happened politically this week. With classes having started again, I find myself having absolutely no free time at all to catch up on everything.
Monday, Senator Ted Kennedy and his son Patrick followed Caroline Kennedy in endorsing Barack Obama. In backing Barack Obama for president, Ted Kennedy said: “It is time again for a new generation of leadership. It is time now for Barack Obama”.
Ted even took a line from Clinton’s campaign, saying Obama “is ready to be president on Day 1”, which is something Clinton has been asking throughout her campaign. Also, In what may have been a stab directed at Bill Clinton, Ted said that “from the beginning, he (Obama) opposed the war in Iraq. And let no one deny that truth.” That was of course in reference to Bill Clinton’s statements about how Obama vote against the war early on was a “fairytale”.
Monday night was also Bush’s last State of the Union Address and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius delivered the Democratic response to President Bush’s final State of the Union address. Sebelius also endorsed Obama on Tuesday. She is also supposed to one of the possible choices for Vice President in the democrats.
Tuesday was the primary in Florida. Once again, there were no delegates being distributed for the democrats, so the race didn’t really matter for them. On the republican side, delegates-wise, it was winner takes all. It was pretty much a tie throughout between McCain and Romney, but in the end McCain was the winner. In the weeks before the primary in Florida, Guiliani had said multiple times that the race in Florida is crucial and had gone as far as to say that whoever wins the primary in Florida from the republican side will go on to being the nominee. Guiliani wasn’t even doing anywhere near well when he was saying all this – he was tied with Huckabee for third.
There had also news been for the past few days that Guiliani is dropping out and he is going to endorse McCain. From the sound of his conceding speech after the primary in Florida on Tuesday, it definitely confirmed he was indeed dropping out and it even seemed like it was going to possibly happen sometime in that speech considering Guiliani spoke in past tense pretty much the whole time in reference to his candidacy. Not only that, but McCain went on and on suddenly about praising Guiliani. Anyhow, Tuesday night, NBC News confirmed that Guiliani will drop out and endorse McCain on Wednesday.
As if that wasn’t enough..I woke up Wednesday to breaking news that John Edwards was dropping out! I mean I knew this was coming, but definitely not today..I though he would at least hold off until after Super Tuesday. I have nothing but respect for John Edwards and his family and the hardship they have gone through while campaigning. Edwards wife, Elizabeth, has been an inspiration for many as she continually campaigned while still being treated for her recurring cancer.
Tonight is the last republican debate before Super Tuesday and tomorrow is the democratic one…so we will see how they go.
Super Tuesday is just days away and in the democrats, it is now just a race between Clinton and Obama! Everything definitely counts now. Whether Clinton or Obama win, it is still history in the making as it will be either the first woman President or the first African American President.

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