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A Quick Recap of the Weekend

I HATE when everyone leaves at the same time, and that is exactly what happened this past Sunday. We had family arriving last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for various family gatherings, but they all left Sunday.

On Friday night, our aunt and uncle (Chotti Anna and Javed Chachoo) hosted a BBQ, and it turned out to be a graduation party for all the graduates in our immediate family (six of us from NJ and one from Canada) and a house-warming party for them at the same time. Saturday, we had a brunch at our house and that night was Shahbaz’s Graduation Party.

Not only did all my aunts and uncles and their families leave, but so did Faraz!

If I said it didn’t seem weird, I would be lying.

I guess it will take some getting used to. Even though Faraz has lived away in Hoboken for five years, we still saw him a couple of time a month. We’re planning on going to Canada at the end of the month though, so we’ll see him then.

Sunday night, after all of our relatives had left, we went to see the fireworks at Piscataway High School and then yesterday went to NYC for a few hours in a the evening. It’s funny that we have lived here for so many years (ten to be exact) and haven’t really seen many of the tourist spots.

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Graduation Party

I LOVE barbecues and I love family gatherings, so a joint barbecue for nearby relatives and some friends for Faraz’s and my graduation party yesterday was definitely my kind of day. It was also kind of a farewell party for Faraz. I can’t believe that Faraz will be leaving next week for Canada!

Thank you all for coming! We had a great time and hope you did too.

The whole day turned out to the be a lot of fun. We got back from the park around 7:30ish and a lot of our family came straight from the park to our house. From there, later that night, Aamir Mamma, Sony Mammi, Sohaib Bhai, Ayaz, Faraz, Saad, Sabih, Daniyal, and I went to Dave and Busters in Manhattan which was a lot of fun too. I’ve never been there and it was great. We got home around 3 A.M. and I went straight to bed – what an exhausting but FUN day!

By the way, would you believe I’m still making trips to the dentist? I’ve already been four times and tomorrow I go back for the fifth time since June 4th! Apparently my mouth is small and the root is curved which as a combination is making this procedure take forever! Lucky me. Being the wimp I am, of course this would happen to me.

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A Trip to Mississauga with Faraz

Earlier this month, the Sunday after our Washington D.C. trip, Faraz and I drove up to Mississauga in Canada for about five days (which was originally supposed to be a 2 day trip) because he had a job interview.

On our drive up to Mississauga, we passed through an area (Binghamton) that just had a tornado hit. Passing the storm was insane, with crazy rain and wind – but thankfully we drove right through it in fifteen or twenty minutes.

We have a LOT of family up in Mississauga (some of which were just here for the wedding). I love going to see places and things, so one of the nice things about just us two going was I got to go around downtown Toronto the two days Faraz was there interviewing. I used to live in Toronto, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone before.

Did you know that pretty much the whole downtown Toronto has an underground mall that is connected by pathways. Because its so cold there in the winter, people can just go to the basement level from their office buildings and get to virtually anywhere in downtown they want without ever having to step outside. It was pretty neat, and immaculate!

Faraz got the job, and he’ll be moving to Canada the first of July! Whoa, talk about growing up fast!

I’m going to miss him a lot, and it’ll be weird having him move there… but I wish him nothing but the best… and I guess the past five years of him living at school kind of prepared us… but not really considering we would see him a few weekends a month.


The night he got the job, my brother and I went to Demetre’s with my aunt and her family to celebrate. Demetre’s is an all-dessert restaurant and it was amazing to say the very least. We definitely have to take our parents there next time we’re in the area.  I’ve always heard about it, but never went there before.

This is what I had:

It was absolutely delicious! It’s called “Sweetcar Named Devour” and consisted of chocolate ice cream (under the crepe), fresh strawberries, and fudge sauce! Yum!

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Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Happy New Years!

Anyone else think 2009 just flew by? It seems like every year goes by faster and faster than the year before.

There are so many things i’m looking forward to this year – graduating from rutgers in may being one of them – and i’m quite excited to see what this new year brings.

I was just telling my parents and my aunt and uncle about a week or so ago how crazy it is that it was TEN years ago when there was so much pandemonium about the new millennium and the Y2K bug. I’ve been thinking all week about Y2K (and all the havoc it caused). It seems like it was so long ago, yet at the same time – it feels like it was just yesterday.

I was reading some of the ‘tweets’ on twitter with the hashtag ‘#10yearsago’ earlier, and it was so interesting to read some of the responses. My personal response: I was 11, in the 6th grade, living in Canada (but moved later that year to New Jersey).

It’s crazy how much times have changed. For instance, texting didn’t exist ten years ago – and i can’t even imagine not being able to text or accessing the internet all the time.

I can remember when we were younger and the internet was new (and was connected to our phone lines), our parents would only let each of us go online for half an hour each day (unless we had homework or something, of course). Nowadays, I am always connected to the internet on my laptop and can access it no matter where I am through my phone.

I wonder what was ‘big’ that year? Except all the hype and the drama the Y2K craze caused, of course.

Anyhow, Happy New Year! I hope it’s full of wonderful things for everyone and brings great things your way.

Do you have any resolutions for this year?

UPDATE: I gotta add this. My brother wrote this on facebook, and i thought it was nicely written:

‘What a strange decade. We went from the panic of Y2K to a digital decade. In 2000 text messaging didn’t even exist. Facebook/Twitter/Youtube and the likes weren’t even dreamed of yet by their founders. Most people didn’t own a cellphone. High speed internet in most homes was still years away.’

Isn’t it crazy to think what will happen in the next ten years?

Snow Storm Forecasted

I don’t know about you, but i LOVE snow! Actually, i think that is the biggest understatement ever haha (and anyone who knows me can attest to that). Since i woke up this morning and read/heard that we were expecting a snow storm, i’ve been anxiously looking forward to it (and hoping it won’t dissapoint). My brother, Ayaz, was just teasing me some time ago that we’ll probably just end up getting an inch or two of snow (or less), but i hope not! All i ask for is one big snow storm a year… is that really too much to ask? 😉

I just LOVE snow as it’s falling, and the white blanket of snow on the ground with a storm/blizzard…. until it gets dirty and slushy. then, it’s not so cool. I could do without the incredibly cold temperature that comes with it though haha. I guess part of the reason i love it so much has to do with me growing up in Canada, but i don’t know about that since the rest of my family isn’t too fond of it (or most of extended family in Canada).

The forecast has changed from 12 inches, to 1 or 2 inches, to currently being at 8-14 inches in the span of less than 12 hours… so we’ll see how that plays out. Currently, it is forecasted that the snow will start around 1 or 2 A.M. and get heavier around tomorrow evening, and end by Sunday 6 AM. We’ll see how that changes and progresses. It’s already started snowing in Virginia and the surrounding areas (even though it was forecasted to start tomorrow sometime), so the snow is definitely coming… just not sure how much of it!

anyhow… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

On a side note, things i’m looking forward to in the next few days: 1) tomorrow is the bowl game for the Rutgers football team (the last RU football game i’ll watch as a RU student); 2) monday is my last final for this semester (i hope the snow doesn’t mess with the exams schedule on monday since it is supposed to snow until sunday morning); and 3) which means winter break starts monday evening and i’m off from classes until jan 19, 2010 when classes resume (which will be my last semester for my undergraduate degree! :/ ). Not quite sure how i feel about that just yet – i’m excited about being done, but have mixed emotions about it as well… so we’ll see.

Three-Fourths DONE!

I’m DONE! I had my last final this morning and now I’m unofficially a senior at Rutgers! I am three-fourths done undergrad… wow, that’s pretty weird.

Even weirder is the fact that i started receiving information about my graduation a couple of days ago… even though that is still a year away (but i’m sure it’ll fly by)!

anyways, summer vacation is FINALLY here!

I don’t really have many extensive plans so far for the summer, but I’m looking forward to going to Disney with some of my family from my mom’s side in june… and of course going to Canada as we always do… I am also definitely looking forward to enjoying some down time!

P.S. Happy Birthday Shakil Bhai and Popi Baji!

Trip to Canada

After a very fun-filled week in Canada because of all the wedding events and family events, we arrived back home late last night. The ride back home took forever! Getting from Mississauga to the United States and Canada border usually takes a mere forty five minutes… but yesterday it took us over three and a half hours! Traffic in general is horrible.. but when it takes over two hours to travel one mile – that is just ridiculous.. and very annoying! Fortunately we didn’t get too much more traffic for the rest of the way.

Congratulations Adnan Bhai and Dania! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

I can’t believe half of the summer is over already! It is going by waaayy to fast! 🙁

Yay for a Vacation!

I’ve been interning for a month now… and boy am I glad for a vacation! My family and I, on Monday, will be going to Canada for about a week for my cousin’s wedding. The week should be a lot of fun – and very exhausting!

So far the internship has not turned out to be what I had expected at all, but that is life… I suppose.

I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by! 🙁

And So it Begins

So today is officially my first day of summer vacation (considering I had work yesterday)..and waking up around 10 today felt AMAZING! I haven’t had a chance to sleep in forever. So far, it has been okay just being lazy for the day (it’s only about 3 P.M.)… but I am definitely not used to not having anything to do since during the semester I never get a second to myself.

At the same time, fortunately my summer will be pretty packed. Thankfully I just confirmed my internship for the summer and my orientation is on June 2nd, which is right after I come back from Norway … so I won’t have much time to waste. I am sure this experience will be great and I will learn a lot from it. I am definitely looking forward to the experience. It’s at a law firm, and what is great is that what I will be doing deals directly with my psychology field as well. I’ll be interning in Manhattan, so I hope I don’t get tired of going there so often — especially with the trains always delayed and what not. 🙂 But, whatever, the experience will (hopefully) be worth it.

Besides the internship and Norway, I have a couple of family weddings to look forward to (one involving a week long trip to Canada – which is always fun). I absolutely hate coming back from Canada (even though I went four times last year!).

Five days and counting until I leave for Norway!

…and we’re back!

So I actually did end up going to Canada! 🙂 What an exhausting, but fun filled weekend! This weekend was Adnan Bhai’s and Dania’s mangni and nikkah in Canada.

I was woken up around 6:30 A.M. and told to pack quickly if I wanted to go. I was out of the house by 7 A.M. and we left at 7:40 on Saturday morning. It was a total spur of the moment thing, but I am so glad I went because the weekend was a lot of fun.

The night we arrived was one of the dholki’s. Sunday night was the mangni and finally, Monday afternoon was the nikkah.

While we were originally supposed to leave to come back home on Tuesday morning, we left Monday evening around five because of the impending severe snow storm heading towards Buffalo and Toronto. Fortunately we left when we did because the snow arrived even earlier than we had thought. By Tuesday morning, Buffalo had a big pile of snow.

We literally traveled from 2007 to 2008. The car ride there and back was, fortunately, pretty decent. We had great weather, and no traffic and it took us around eight hours each time.

I can’t wait to go back in July!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this new year brings everyone a lot of happiness. I can’t believe it is 2008 already!