Review: The Fault in Our Stars

I cried [plenty of times… but that shouldn’t be surprising], I laughed, but so many times I just paused… to reflect and to ponder.  The choice of words are brilliant. I think that is what captivated me the most.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a quick, easy, articulate and captivating read. I finished it in a few sittings in a less than a 24-hour time frame. I love how beautifully honestly it is written. How honestly sarcastic the teenager is portrayed. It is what it is.

What’s it about you ask? Literally: two teenagers with cancer who fall in love [depicting their inner struggles, etc.]. My take? It makes you think. Deep. Not just about death and dying, but life and living.

There are many memorable quotes in the book, but that struck me the most? This:

My cancer is me. The tumors are made of me. They’re made of me as surely as brain and heart are made of me. It is a civil war, Hazel Grace, with a predetermined winner.

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  1. &quot;If a tear rolls down whist reading then you have fallen head over heels for the book…&quot;<br />One such book is the one I started and completed this weekend..<br />The Fault in Our Stars put a smile on my face, spread warmth to my heart, broke it and then stitched it back saying &quot;It is possible to live with pain&quot;!!!<br />There are some real, real people in unreal world of

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