Just a Dream

I never remember my dreams. I don’t think I stay in REM sleep long enough to even have many…

So imagine my surprise when last night not only did I have a dream that I woke up remembering… but a very vivid one. Why couldn’t it be a pleasant one at least?
It’s just my mom and I at home. I am in the kitchen, and suddenly hear we sirens that I somehow know is a tornado warning siren. In real life, I have never experienced it so I wouldn’t even know what it sounds like.
I laugh it off to my mom, and then turn to face kitchen door. And what do I notice? VERY dark, like almost black [if not black] clouds near the back right side of my house. Oh, and a humongous funnel cloud that seems to be right at the tip of where our fence meets our backyard neighbor diagonally.
And what do I do? I run upstairs to change. Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Even as I am changing, I can see it approaching by my window… inching closer and closer.
The details? Not fuzzy. Just ridiculous. Mainly because who in their right mind goes to change their clothes in such circumstances.

It’s just a dream. I know that. But do you ever wonder if they mean something more? No, I don’t mean that it signifies a crazy tornado happening in New Jersey. I certainly hope not! I mean, if it signifies something more? Like if the connotations mean something?

P.S. Too late for it now, but are you not suppose to share good dreams or bad dreams?

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