Funniest Kid Ever

So I am waiting in the lobby of the hospital earlier this morning, and this adorable little girl (had to be 2 1/2 or three years old at max) caught my eye. She was giving her mom a hard time and running around in a crowded area (every young mother’s nightmare, I’m sure).

To try and calm the kid down, the mom offered her daughter a snack — little cookies.

The child happily obliged, and was enjoying said cookie… until she dropped it on the ground. She looks down at the cookie, looks up at her mom, then quickly picks up the aforementioned cookie from the dirty floor and stuffs it in her MOUTH thinking the mom hadn’t noticed!

The mom, of course, did notice. She tries to convince her daughter to spit the cookie out.. and after a few seconds or so — the daughter says: I’ll throw it in the garbage myself. The mom agrees.

The little girl spits the cookie into her hand, runs towards the garbage can, turns around and quickly puts it back in her mouth and swallows it!

Everybody in the room who had noticed the incident play out (except for the mom of course) burst out laughing.

I feel for her parents already. That kid is going to be rebellious in her teen years for sure.

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