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So remember, when I wrote about my cousin’s photography business here? This past Sunday I got to assist her.

She had the same client for the wedding and the valima (a reception), and since the valima was in New Jersey (and very close to where I live), she asked me to go as her assistant.

It was a great experience overall (minus having to wait THREE HOURS for the bride and groom to show up for the reception). Not to mention, I had the easy job — helping in setting up, giving my cousin the alternating lens when she needed it, looking out for photographic moments, helping with poses, etc.

I’m not sure I could deal with the stress that comes with the responsibility of being the official photographer for someone’s wedding! We all know how much I stress right?

While the bride had originally told my cousin in their meeting that she didn’t want pictures taken with the extended family, we ended up spending about two hours doing just that — where each one was claimed to be “the last one, I promise“.

Being on the other side of the lens (so to speak) for the first time at an event also gave me a new sense of appreciation for professional photographers (especially at weddings — and particularly desi ones while we are it). As annoying as photographers may seem at weddings, there’s a valid reason behind it. Desi weddings, especially, usually involve A LOT of people.

Oh, and when the professional photographer tells other people to stop taking pictures, just listen! I wasn’t even the one taking pictures, but it was annoying to me when the bride or the groom (or a extended family member) would look at someone else’s camera when my cousin asked them to look at hers. I mean, come on, you are PAYING her! Wouldn’t you want to make sure those pictures came out perfect?

My cousin recently created a blog for her business as well, where she plans to write about the events she does. You can check that out by clicking here. She’s just starting the blog out, but it should be up and running in no time.

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  1. Best of luck to your cousin ! <br /><br />Really it is hard to manage people in desi Weddings. But once you gain popularity amongst desi&#39;s you will get a lot of business…<br /> <br />:)

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