The beginning of house hunting

Right after getting out of my final yesterday, i joined my parents in looking at houses (they have been doing that all week)… and all day today, we did the same thing. My goodness, we’ve seen over twenty houses in the span of two days and each house seems to have something missing…. only if we could combine several of the houses, we would have found our “perfect” house. and of course, the prices in the area are down right insane.

Of all the houses i have looked at all day yesterday and today, there were only two (one that we saw yesterday and one that we saw today) that i (and the rest of my family) “liked” and would even consider. hopefully, we will find a great house soon… because house hunting is down right exhausting!

On a much brighter note, today was my first day of summer vacation! and let me tell you, it feels SO weird not having to stress constantly about all the work i usually have during the semester. after a few weeks of just relaxing, i’ll start concentrating on my LSATs review.

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