Festive Weekend

What a fun weekend! Don’t you hate how fast time flies when you are having fun?

My cousin, Maria Baji, had her Nikkah (Islamic Marriage) yesterday… so the whole weekend has been a very family oriented weekend. Congratulations Maria Baji! You looked absolutely GORGEOUS, mashallah. Weddings are so much fun, but so exhausting… and I definitely can’t function without sleep.

Now back to the harsh reality of exams and papers!! 🙁 Is it summer vacation yet?

I think I’m looking forward to this coming summer vacation most because I don’t have any major plans – which means a lot of time to just relax… besides studying for the LSATs of course! I don’t have any internship plans, or even any plans to work.. which i probably will end up doing just so i don’t go crazy from having so much free time that I don’t know what do with it. But it’ll be quite the opposite from last year’s summer vacation… where I had hardly any “free” time, with the weddings, the internship, and whatnot.

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